Aberdeen Angus beef from Aberdeenshire

Beef from Coldwells organic farm
delivered to your door

Beef Boxes

We supply beef in either 5kg or 10kg assorted boxes.  Or you can visit our small on farm store and choose what you would like.  We do encourage folk to take a variety of cuts, mixing the more expensive pieces (eg: fillet, sirlion) with cheaper (eg: pot roast, mince).  This way you will get something for every day and special occassions.  For example mince for quick mid week suppers and steaks/roasts for special occassions, burgers for kids tea or bbq's.  A pot roast (sometimes called plate or boiling beef) comes from the muscley part of the animal that does a lot of work (the lower leg) so will need long slow cooking, but is absolutely tender, sweet  and delicious after 3 or 4 hours.  Throw in some root veg and onions and herbs/spices and you've got a lovely comforting casserole or smart dinner party dish!  Rib-roasts are very popular but bear in mind there are only about four per animal so if this is what you would like be sure to book it ahead, similarly with fillet steak.  There is some flexibilty for variety of cuts in discussion with the butcher but I like to keep it fairly straigtforward for reasons of cost and simplicity.  Our butcher is absolutely excellent with years of experience of not only butchering but selecting quality cattle.  The shop is very clean and organised and a family run award winning business in the heart of Huntly.

You can be absolutely sure that our beef is %100 organically produced, born and raised entirely on our farm.  As we only have 30 cows we know each cow and calf individually.  We do not buy in any cattle and breed all our own replacements so all our cows are home-bred.  The Aberdeen Angus breed is a traditional, native slow growing breed.  This is why the beef tastes so fantastic because it matures slowly till 18 months old and is grass fed. When your are thnking about buying Coldwells Organic Beef remember that it is like selecting a quality single malt whisky or fine wine - top quality! You won't find it in the supermarkets!

Potential customers are more than welcome to come and have a look round at the farm before you buy.  Just give us a call.

Box contents

What you get in a 5kg box:

  • 1 roast (topside or silverside or forerib) approx. 1.5 kg                   

  • 1 pack steak (rump or sirloin or fillet) approx 500kg each pack

  • 2 pack steak mince 500g each

  • 1 pack steak sausages 500g each

  • 2 packs stewing steak 500g each

  • 1 pack burgers 500g each

What you get in a 10kg box:

  • 2 roasts (topside or silverside or forerib) approx. 1.5 kg ea.

  • 2 packs steak (rump or sirloin or fillet) approx 500g each

  • 4 packs steak mince 500g each

  • 2 packs steak sausages 500g each

  • 4 packs stewing steak 500g each

  • 2 packs burgers 500g each

The beef will be delivered in a plastic box with a frozen pack to keep it cool. Please return the box as soon as possible. There is a sticker on the box with a description of what is in your order which you are welcome to keep as reference.

A 5kg mixed box will fit into one of the drawers of a domestic fridge freezer.

Price includes delivery to your door. Payment on delivery, cheque or cash.

Sausages and burgers are made with organic spices, natural casings and no colouring or preservatives, which we source from Scobie and Junior, butcher suppliers in Glasgow. All the ingredients are listed on their website. As our sausages and burgers do not contain preservatives you must eat them within 2 days (keep refridgerated) or freeze straightaway.

Coldwells Lamb

We also produce lamb. Lambs are born outside and stay with their mothers for about 5 months grazing pastures for their entire life, they are not housed at all. As they slowly fatten, grass is supplemented by home produced organic silage, swedes and a little barley.


What you get for half a lamb:

  • 2 packs of chops (4or 5 in a pack)

  • 1 shoulder roast

  • 1 leg roast

  • 2 lamb shanks

  • 1 pk (500gR ) mince or dice 

For a whole lamb double the quantities but you
would need quite a lot of space in your freezer.
You can also choose what cuts you would like if you
come to the farm.


Coldwells Stuffed Shoulder  of Lamb

This is a lovely way to cook our boned and rolled shoulder:

Stuffing Ingredients

50g/20z of white breadcrumbs

1 medium or half a big onion

1 tlb chopped parsley

1 tlbs fresh mint

1 tsp nutmeg - grated fresh or dried

1 tlbs fresh or dried rosemary

grated rind of 1/2 lemon

a small handful of apricots (snipped into small pieces)

1 small egg beaten

salt and pepper

Chop all the ingredients really fine or wizz them up in a food processor to save time and if you are not very good at chopping fine like me. Mix it all up together in a bowl or the food processor and add the egg and "squish" it all together!  Unroll the shoulder by cutting off the butchers string and spread the stuffing over the meat and re roll and tie it up with string.  I used wool actually as I couldn't fine any string.  Wrap the meat in foil, set in a roasting tray and cook for 1 and 1/2 hours.  At the end of this time unwrap the foil, baste with the juices adn let it brown back in the oven for a further 30 minutes.  Pre-heat oven to gas mark 4, 350F (180c).  Carve the meat into thick slices making a thin gravy made with the pan juices and some redcurrent jelly.  It is also delicious eaten cold the next day with salad.

(Adapted from Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course {BBC Books 1992} - Stuffed Breast of Lamb



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